Steps to start selling on Facebook in Australia

Facebook in Australia

Before you start selling your products on Facebook, you need to build an e-commerce store.  You need a builder that can sync your store with your Facebook page. The builder should allow you to incorporate features that can make your Facebook shop attractive. Your Facebook page should then link well to your website and should be easy to use. It should make the traffic come again and help you convert them into buyers.  Here’s a simple process to help you start selling products on Facebook.

Choose the right builder

We already have some builders you can rely on to build an efficient e-commerce website. But you need to choose one with specialized features. It will help maximize your business presence online and rip from the massive Facebook traffic. The builder you choose should be able to connect your website to the Facebook store page. The syncing should be seamless and make payment easier.

When your Facebook store is connected to your e-commerce website, it becomes easier to manage the store. Also, the builder should keep the checkout journey simple and direct them to your eCommerce store where they can select a convenient payment option to use.

Options available:

· Using Shopify

It is easier to create your Facebook store through the builders. In a case of Shopify, all you need to do is to add the Facebook channel app to the Shopify store, and you will be ready to go. The good thing about it is that you will get the app when you buy Shopify plan. But you will need the Facebook store app to push your products through Facebook. The app allows you to track sales and orders. Also, all the changes will be displayed in your Facebook store.

· Using BigCommerce

You may also choose to use BigCommerce to build your eCommerce store and Sell product on Facebook.  The builder has impressive features and is a good option if you are running a big store. BigCommerce is the most preferred builder for businesses that are managing extensive inventory. It features quality designs and calculators that readily compute the shipping fee.

Setting up the Facebook page

Once you have a running e-commerce website, you need to set up a Facebook page. The page will make it easy to sell with Facebook. However, you may need to add some apps on the store to make the selling process easier.