3 Tips to Guide You to Sell on Facebook Marketplace in the UK

Sell on Facebook Marketplace in the UK

Facebook is the social networking platform, boasting of billions of users across all spectra; age, gender, and tastes. Now, people are also seeking not only to create social connections but to do business with each other. Here enters Facebook Marketplace, the feature introduced by Facebook to help you directly sell and buy from the people living around you, even if they are not your friends. It is designed to get you that household item that you need and reduce the clutter in your house by selling what you don’t. Below are a few helpful tips to show you how it works, and how to reap the most out of it:

The general procedure

Tap the marketplace icon, and then select the ‘Sell something’ option. Then upload high-definition pictures of your product through the ‘Add Photos’ option. Also, enter the product name, specs, price in the fields provided, and then place it in the correct category, e.g. ‘Clothing.’ Reveal plenty of positive information about the product to grab your friends’ attention. Add your location so that your community can find you. To protect your security, it gives an approximate location. Finally, you can widen the visibility of your post by listing it on other business groups you are in at the same time as on Marketplace.

Price your item smartly

Use a reasonable price and avoid being rigid about it to increase your chances of selling. Many successful sellers will agree that allowing potential buyers to bargain as the best tool in their arsenal. Use a slightly higher price so that even if they bargain, you get the exact amount you wanted for it. On a good day, your buyers may fail to negotiate, giving you extra cash.

Close the deal via private messaging

Interested buyers can express their offer to buy on your listing. Check their profile to see their reviews from previous sellers for their conduct during past dealings. If you like what you see, go to their inbox or Messenger to agree on payment and item collection. As soon as it is sold, remember to update your listing as sold. If you don’t feel comfortable with selling to them, ignore their bid.

Your security is paramount. Adverse incidents are rare, but to keep yourself on the safer side, don’t let strangers into your home and have someone present when a buyer comes to collect. Ask for cash to avoid being scammed.

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