3 Helpful Tips to Help You Sell On Facebook Using a Facebook Page

Sell On Facebook Using a Facebook Page

Many reputable businesses today are choosing to include Facebook in their selling policies. The social network, having thousands of users online every minute, provides your business with a unique and efficient way to connect with your fans, create new ones and sell your products to them. Using a Facebook page can have your sales through the roof in a matter of days.  This guide will illustrate how any businesses are making a killing by selling to the billions of worldwide Facebook users using their Facebook pages:

1) Integrate a landing age app with your page

Using a Facebook page comes across as more professional and gives you access to many features that are not available on Facebook profiles to boost your selling efforts.

Moreover, it keeps your business compliant with their Terms of Service. Having a third-party landing page app gives you a myriad of great features to further improve your Facebook store. They facilitate the customization of the color palette, layout and feel of your storefront and addition of a logo so that it looks like a replica of your website. They also supply you with a free SSL certificate to secure your clients’ transactions, which would otherwise cost over $70 per year and further costs in installation. Reputable examples of these applications are Ecwid, Storeya, and ShortStack.

2) Introduce a SaaS e-commerce application

These applications, such as BigCommerce provide you with specialized website building tools and come with SEO to optimize your search position. They may be an additional expense, but they make up for it with reliable tech service and more dedicated apps for better storefront function, like SurveyMonkey that generates surveys for customer reviews.

3) Use a clear cover photo to promote your products

Have a vibrant and high-definition cover image to draw positive attention to your portfolio. In the image caption, include a link to your product or online store for your potential clients’ convenience. Also, remind your clients about your brand by promoting the product link often. This is done by uploading it to your page’s status updates. You may also embed a link to your public Facebook posts to a blog or website outside Facebook (Facebook Embedded Post feature).


Facebook pages integrated with e-commerce providers and landing page apps are powerful selling tools. However, also harness the power of other social media networks such as Pinterest and Instagram to derive maximum benefits from your page.