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How to Sell on Facebook Using Shopify: 5 Tips to Maintain Your Facebook Reach

Wondering how to sell on Facebook using Shopify store? Selling on social media has never been easier! Here are a few great tips to help you maintain your Facebook reach!

With the rise of social media, it is important that merchants and businesses of all sizes start using Facebook marketing as a sales channel.

Combined with Shopify, you can increase your sales, double your profits, and make the shopping experience easier and more convenient for your customers.
Today, creating your own store is easier than ever, thanks to ecommerce website builders like Shopify. The setup, as well as, the configuration process are simpler, and you just need to list your products, shipping details, and ensure you have the best way to handle transactions.
Since it is super easy to use, many retailers are choosing Shopify, especially those who are interested in selling on Facebook as well.  
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How to sell on Facebook using Shopify?

Download the Facebook app (you can find it in the Shopify App Store), install the app, and add your Facebook page URL.

How to sell on a Facebook shop? You can add the products you want to sell on Facebook by using Shopify dashboard and you can start immediately.

The recent algorithm changes from Facebook may impact the game for Shopify sellers. In 2018, Facebook officially announced that the platform is changing the news feed algorithm to prioritize content posted from family, friends, and groups over those posted by businesses and brands.
The Facebook team explained that they stand by this decision because they are encouraging meaningful interaction among individuals. This new change indicates that you will be seeing more posts from your friends and less commercial posts.
What does this mean for your Shopify store? How to maintain your Facebook reach?
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5 Practical Tips to Control Your Facebook Reach

The Facebook platform boasts billions of active users. Facebook must not be ignored by Shopify business owners or marketers, regardless of the changes the platform makes.
Even though we can’t predict how the change will impact the platform, there are a few ways to control your Facebook reach and still be able to successfully sell your Shopify products:
– Keep on posting high-quality and unique content: Facebook wants and appreciates more engagement on posts and ads. As a matter of fact, this is what they meant when they said they are focusing more one meaningful interactions. The business pages that can make people comment and react on the posts will get more love from the platform. For example, you can include questions or write about popular topics to make users want to share their opinions.
– Encourage Facebook users to follow your page: Facebook allows users to stay updated with their preferred business pages. All you need to do is ask your followers to click “see first” (this option is found in the news feed preferences).
– Avoid engagement bait: Don’t even consider about writing something like – comment or share the post if you love drinking. These phrases are known as engagement baits and Facebook has a strict policy that these kinds of posts won’t be seen as meaningful posts.
– Take advantage of Facebook Live: The Facebook Live videos are popular, especially with the new algorithm. The live videos motivate users to get into discussions.
-Use the power of Facebook Groups: Business owners must sign up to Facebook groups. There are great Facebook groups focused on selling on Facebook using Shopify and these groups are excellent to connect with people who can share their personal experience.

The new announcement doesn’t mean the end of selling on Facebook using Shopify. Despite the changes in the news feed, there are ways to reach customers, new buyers, and promote your Shopify store. For more information on how to use Shopify to sell on Facebook in the Australian market, we recommend you to go to www.shopify.com.au/facebook